🌿Aroma Shower Steamers🌿
You may want to wake up, relax or clear your head naturally.
Why not do it with pure essential oil vapour while you have a shower.
Place these steamers in the corner of your shower and breath in the natural vapours from the essential oils.
They are big enough to last a long shower or 2 short showers.
- Relax Lavender
- Head Clear.
- Invigorate wilderness blend.

- Invigorate Citrus blend.

If you would like a mixed amount, please send me a message.
We are happy to make your own special blend 🙂

These products are truly handmade and may very slightly from batch to batch.

NOTE: do not use if under 12 years old or pregnant without first consulting a doctor. Do not use as a bath bomb as they have a higher concentration of essential oils. Do not use on your skin or swallow. Keep away from small children.  USE ONLY AS DIRECTED.

Aroma Shower Steamers 6 pack

Choose your scent
  • Bicarb soda, citric acid, pure essential oils, and organic botanicals.

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